Friday, November 14, 2008

Music, music, and more music

I've been a little lax of late regarding practicing, and now I'm paying the price. The last couple of nights, after an eye-opening orchestra rehearsal on Tuesday, I've been pouring over the sheet music, figuring out fingerings and tricky passages so as not to completely embarrass myself next month.

In addition to the orchestra, we're almost finished recording the Billy Two Shoes CD. I have four more songs to record, plus I've promised to do a 70's AM radio cover for the Javelin podcast, due December 1st.

Finally, our calendar has been filling up with concerts, which all seem to have fallen into a one-week time frame.

So here's my schedule for the next week:

  • Friday evening -practice for Billy Two Shoes recording session
  • Saturday @ 11 AM - PBJ & Jazz at Ft. Hayes Metropolitan Education Center
  • Saturday @ 4 PM - One Union Project concert (a friend's daughter plays in the band and is debuting a song she wrote)
  • Saturday evening - Jazz with Gene Bertoncini at BOMA
  • Sunday morning - practice!
  • Sunday afternoon - Billy Two Shoes and 70's AM radio cover recording
  • Monday evening - Columbus Philharmonic Youth Orchestra concert (same friend's daughter plays in this as well)
  • Tuesday evening - Cardinal Health Chamber Orchestra rehearsal
  • Wednesday evening - practice or more recording, not sure yet
  • Thursday - Lakeview Jr. High Orchestra concert - Lea's first performance this year playing bass
  • Friday evening - AC/DC concert
  • Saturday - practice or more recording
  • Sunday - Mark Flugge Chamber Jazz Series
I'm tired just looking at it.

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Tammy said...

It's a lot - but it's ALL GOOD!!!!!