Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shutting Down

I've decided that, instead of keeping two blogs (one for music, one for other stuff), it'd be easier for both of my readers to only have to refer to one blog. Plus, you can only import one blog into Facebook. As such, I will no longer be posting to this blog. I will be posting music and non-music related content to my other blog, Adventitious Cerebration, and making better use of tags to help organize the content. Please visit my other blog for future updates.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

French or German, Teil Zwei

About 8 months ago, I posted Bow Adventures, which described my troubles regarding the use of French vs. German grips on the double bass bow. During the time between then and now, I've worked exclusively with the French bow. That included the spring season with the Cardinal Health Chamber Orchestra and the recording of the soon-to-be-released second Billy Two Shoes CD. And so just now I placed and order for a new carbon fiber Finale bow - with a German grip (right).

So why the return to German? I didn't mind the French grip. Certainly, there are advantages and disadvantages to each. And those disadvantages can be worked through successfully. But one of the difficulties that I had was trying to transfer the weight of my arm to the string. I could get a nice enough sound, but it wasn't very loud. This is compounded by the fact that my bass isn't very loud to begin with.

I've been doing a bit of playing with the bow lately with both the orchestra and B2S. About two weeks ago, my first finger on my right hand really started bothering me. I figured I just overworked my bow hand and needed to give it a rest. It took more than a week for the pain to subside. Finally, I started playing again and immediately noticed the issue. I'm putting too much pressure on my finger trying to play loudly. The leverage in the French grip just isn't working for me without straining my hand. I played with the orchestra for two hours last night, and today my first finger is swollen and sore.

So back to the German grip it is. I think that's ok though. Yes, I realize that, with effort, I could probably work through my problems and continue with the French, but I don't really see the need. My arms are long, which lends itself better to the German grip, and I can easily get more power and a nice sound with this grip. Since one isn't necessarily better than the other, why deal with the pain, right?

Along with the grip change, I'm also going back to my old rosin, Carlsson (see my post on rosin for details).

The String Emporium is currently out of stock on the bow. They'll be getting the next shipment after Thanksgiving, so it'll be a couple of weeks before my new bow gets to me. Once I get it and live with it a little, I'll write a review. Until then, I'll have to reacquaint myself with the only other German bow I have - a cheap fiberglass student bow. Yuck!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Music, music, and more music

I've been a little lax of late regarding practicing, and now I'm paying the price. The last couple of nights, after an eye-opening orchestra rehearsal on Tuesday, I've been pouring over the sheet music, figuring out fingerings and tricky passages so as not to completely embarrass myself next month.

In addition to the orchestra, we're almost finished recording the Billy Two Shoes CD. I have four more songs to record, plus I've promised to do a 70's AM radio cover for the Javelin podcast, due December 1st.

Finally, our calendar has been filling up with concerts, which all seem to have fallen into a one-week time frame.

So here's my schedule for the next week:

  • Friday evening -practice for Billy Two Shoes recording session
  • Saturday @ 11 AM - PBJ & Jazz at Ft. Hayes Metropolitan Education Center
  • Saturday @ 4 PM - One Union Project concert (a friend's daughter plays in the band and is debuting a song she wrote)
  • Saturday evening - Jazz with Gene Bertoncini at BOMA
  • Sunday morning - practice!
  • Sunday afternoon - Billy Two Shoes and 70's AM radio cover recording
  • Monday evening - Columbus Philharmonic Youth Orchestra concert (same friend's daughter plays in this as well)
  • Tuesday evening - Cardinal Health Chamber Orchestra rehearsal
  • Wednesday evening - practice or more recording, not sure yet
  • Thursday - Lakeview Jr. High Orchestra concert - Lea's first performance this year playing bass
  • Friday evening - AC/DC concert
  • Saturday - practice or more recording
  • Sunday - Mark Flugge Chamber Jazz Series
I'm tired just looking at it.