Monday, January 29, 2007

CAH Chamber Orchestra Performance Schedule

The Spring 2007 performance schedule for the Cardinal Health Chamber Orchestra was just released. Here are the dates and locales:

Friday, January 12, 2007

New Music Endeavors

I found a new band...The Intolerables! They're not looking to play out, just record, which is fine by me. They have their own studio, so I'll be recording there as well as swapping files from home.

I played with them for the first time last Thursday (01/04). There are lots of different influences, and it was very laid back. Very cool. We practice in the studio with the drums mic'ed in a separate room and all of us going into the board and wearing phones. Nice set-up.

In other music news, my workplace sponsors a volunteer chamber orchestra, for which I signed up to play. I have my first practice next Friday (01/19). This should be interesting. Being new to the double bass and to orchestra playing, it'll be quite a challenge.

And lastly, I'm signing up to go to a Summer Jazz Workshop. A full week of studying bass and jazz, culminating with a performance with a group in front of the other attendees, the teachers and family.

Experience has taught me that I won't practice unless I'm under pressure to do so. So I'm applying some pressure.

Please note too that I put a schedule of my music events at the bottom of the blog (scroll down). This will include practice and recording sessions, scheduled lessons and performances. I will include addresses and contact information where applicable.