Saturday, September 17, 2005

New Band - NOT

Okay, well, the new band didn't work out. The guy trying to put it together was more interested in getting the website up than actually playing. And then, when we did play, he wasn't very good. Oh well.

I did have some other people contact me, looking for a bassist for a cover band, but the music was SO not what I wanted to play: America, The Eagles, Sheryl Crow. Not that these are bad artists. I just find them very boring to play.

No, I've come to the conclusion that a cover band is not for me. To be honest, I've never really cared whether people wanted to hear what I was playing or not, which helps explain why I never made it as a musician I suppose.

So, I have to resign myself to either finding other musicians who feel the same way as I, who want to create new music without regard to its popularity, or just record my own. Neither of these options is easy. Finding other musicians with the same tastes and sensibilities is challenging. That's why bands tend not to last very long. And I'm not very prolific, or creative for that matter, so writing my own material will be difficult if not impossible. Added with the fact that I am a passible bassist, sucky guitarist, terrible drum sequencer and can't play any other instruments, and I'm pretty much SOL. Hopefully, that won't stop me from trying :)